Project Cry No More


Our  Mission  is  to... 

Help those who have been ill-affected by the violence hold on to the " hope & the piece of peace"  we have

Help those who have  not been directly ill-affected by the violence hold on to the peace that  they  still have



By  Providing  ongoing emotional support to assist loved ones of murdered victims deal with the murder of their loved ones.  

Through our  Reality  Reunification program, we facilitate the reconstruction of  lives by bringing the realization that their loved ones were murdered and  we can get through it but NEVER over it.

Our “Shoe”  program which is a self-help support component aka our Impact Feeling Sessions  comprised of  ONLY those in the same shoes. If you’re NOT in our shoes, how can you speak to us about how we feel or should feel?

Along  with  our  self-help programs, we  do  have  trained professional social psychotherapists who serve those individuals who need more than self-help dealing with the murder of their loved ones & the development of coping & livng with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.   

These are just a few of our programs that provide healing and hope so that the “Piece of Peace” we have we can hold on to.

Our  Goal   is  to...

ZERO Murders

Stop  ALL  The Violence

Provide a violence  & drug  free world

Ensure a Quality of Life  for All

Most of all to make sure that All  our murdered loved ones will NEVER be Forgotten!


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